• Series: Operation Series
  • Release Date: 6-11-12
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
  • Available Formats: eBook, Print
Librarian seeking Navy SEAL

Librarian Cambrie Brasher has been given an ultimatum—win the grant for the library or lose her job. To accomplish the task, Cambrie needs a man. Not just any man, a military man willing to be her pen pal. Thanks to an old friend, Cambrie connects with Miller Daly, a sexy Navy SEAL who ignites her sensual side and promises to make her hottest dreams a reality.

Lieutenant Miller Daly has been haunted by dreams of a woman he’s never met. Thanks to the machinations of his former commander, he’s saddled with some frumpy librarian who wants to be his cyber pal. What he really needs is a cyber siren TO take his mind OFF his mission and give him the opportunity to play out some of his most erotic fantasies.

Cambrie is no frump and she shares Miller’s interest in a hot affair. Unfortunately, he’s always in another corner of the world and Cambrie is devoted to the frail aunt who raised her. They must steal every steamy moment together, but how long can the fires of their passion sustain them?

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When she opened the door, they practically fell through it. She had all of a second to drop her briefcase next to his duffel bag before he shut the door and faced her.

“First a kiss.” His tone floated through her ears, serenading her with promises. A kiss would most definitely lead to much more. She had every intention of making sure it did.

“I think you owe me one after all those steamy emails and the promises they held,” she whispered as he advanced on her.

He moved like it took no effort at all. His arms encircled her like steel, strength oozing from him. “Your emails were just as naughty, darling.”

With his large hands rubbing up and down in zigzags across her back, she looped her arms around his neck and stood on her toes. Just an inch from his lips and he stopped her. What the hell?

“I just want to remember this moment, Cambrie. We only get one first kiss, no matter how many millions we share later.”

She tilted her head a little to study him. “Awww. That’s so sweet, Miller.”

“It’s true. The first kiss can make or break the rest of the evening.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

The corners of his mouth lifted to show off a slight grin. “Think about it. If you don’t enjoy my kiss, then how will I ever seduce you into bed so I can enjoy this hot body?” His hands trailed to her hips and rested on her ass.

Heat pooled between her legs, her wetness growing by the second. Trying not to squirm under his touch was near impossible. “Oh, I have no reason to think I won’t enjoy your kiss.” Her finger trailed across his parted lips before he sucked it into his mouth. The slow suckling only aroused her more. Kissing him now became a matter of life and death–she’d die if he didn’t kiss her soon.

Releasing her finger, he licked his lips. One hand cradled her ass while the other skimmed up her side to slip to the nape of her neck. The heat from his touch blessed her with goose bumps so large she shivered.

His eyes stormed with desire she had never experienced before. “Glad you’re as nervous as me, baby. Makes for a fucking great first kiss.”



Four Stars from Xeranthemum at Long and Short Reviews: “Operation: Tempt Me is a really fun read. It has a lot going for it, characters that are fascinating to read about, internal conflicts that make sense, physical hijinks that could make a person’s cheeks warm and energetic dialogue that kept the story flowing. There is so much to enjoy and certainly this book is guaranteed entertainment. I think readers of erotic romance are going to have a great time when they pick up their own copy of Operation: Tempt Me. I’m glad I read it.”

Five Hearts from Stacey at Sizzling Hot Book Reviews: “Operation: Tempt Me is funny, sweet, sexy, and more. If you like a man in uniform and a woman exploring new aspects of life, give this one a try. I am looking forward to more books in this series to see what happens to the rest of the SEAL group.”

By dawn on February 4, 2013 on Amazon:  must read for all who fantasizes about adopting a soldier. I wish i could adopt him. He’s taken ladies. lol



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