• Series: Operation Series
  • Release Date: 10-8-15
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
  • Available Formats: eBook, Print
A sexy Navy SEAL finds love

Investigative journalist Mackenna Hillman’s determination to make a difference in the world puts her in the crosshairs of a dangerous drug lord. When she’s kidnapped in a foreign jungle, a team of Navy SEALs led by Lieutenant Cade Granville is sent in to rescue her.

When Mackenna and Cade spend a week at his isolated cabin in the Maryland woods, passion flares to explosive levels between the unlikely couple. Both come from very different backgrounds–hers one of privilege, his one of struggle, and neither has room in their life for a relationship. But after a passionate week exploring their erotic fantasies, will they change their minds and give love a chance? Or will secrets doom their chance at true love?

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Chapter One

The noose tightened around Mackenna’s waist, anchoring her to the man who would likely be her killer. With the loose end of the rope secured to his belt, they were forced to move as one. She flexed her fingers to reduce the numbness settling into both of her hands that were bound behind her back with the same thick rope used on her waist.

There was no escaping her predicament. Damn!

The tall man named Aldo tugged on the cord, forcing her to move with him.

“Where are we going?” she asked, allowing defiance to seep into her tone. She wouldn’t let these monsters see her fear.

Aldo turned back to her, striking her across the cheek with the back of his hand like he had earlier, causing her to stumble back a step. Each blow hurt more than the previous against her bruised flesh. “Shut up. No talk.”

His thick accent didn’t hide the meanness in his voice.

Again, he pulled her along.

The Colombian jungle didn’t offer any comfort for those unprepared for a hike through the dense foliage. Dressed in knee-length cargo shorts, a sleeveless blouse, and sandals, Mackenna had a hard time maneuvering through the brush. Then again, when she’d chosen her outfit for the day, she hadn’t planned on being kidnapped. At least her captors allowed her to keep the small black bag slung across her shoulders that carried her bug spray and sunscreen. The men had already rifled through it and taken her money, cell phone, and gum. Stole her friggin’ gum!

Concentrating on each step kept her eyes on the forest floor. Every now and then she dared to peek up where her captors stomped forward. Mackenna Hillman cowered to no one. She’d think of something to save her ass. At least she was still alive to contemplate her options, slim as they were. She was damn valuable to her captors so other than brutalizing her, they’d most likely keep her alive. Fingers crossed!

Oh, Daddy! I’m so sorry. What would he think when they contacted him?

“Faster,” a man shouted from behind and shoved a rifle into her back.

“Ow! I’m trying,” she said, clenching her teeth against a curse and hoping the fool didn’t slip and shoot her.

Separated from her crew and bodyguard, she was outnumbered. The seven men trekking her through the jungle were all dressed in green camouflage uniforms. All brandished long rifles slung over their shoulders by dirty straps. Almost as dirty as their black, greasy hair covering dark, menacing eyes set deeply in unshaven filthy faces. She couldn’t tell if the brown color of their skin was from the sun or grime.

Stopping at a fire pit in a small clearing, they met up with four more men, causing Mackenna to cringe as the odds stacked even more against her. God, would they torture her by burning her? Swallowing hard did nothing to dislodge the lump in her throat.

“Sit, bitch,” Aldo commanded, shoving her to the ground. With her hands bound, she did the best she could to brace the fall, but still banged her elbows on the hard dirt. She struggled to sit up.

One of the men held a video camera. Was he filming her?

Oh, God. Just as she feared. They knew who she was.

Speaking in a foreign tongue, the video guy shouted orders and the other men swarmed around her.

Aldo spoke brusquely into the camera. “Ten million American dollars. You send to us. We will provide a bank account number for transfer of funds. Or else we kill your fucking daughter, Senator Hillman.” The camera swung around to her. She mouthed a few words pretending to pray, wanting to stay in the camera’s lens as long as necessary to get out a message. Daddy knew men who knew what to look for. She hoped they would.

After a few more seconds, the camera zoomed back to Aldo. “Of course, your choice, Senator Hillman. Don’t pay, or take your time paying, and me and my men get more time to play with the whore.”

Without warning, a man shoved her onto her back and tore at her blouse, the buttons popped off to expose her bra, her arms bound painfully behind her back.

“No!” she screamed. “Not here in the Camelo bird’s territory. I won’t let you desecrate what little land the Camelo bird has left.”

Someone, anyone watching, please pay attention.

The man gripped both her breasts and fondled them painfully, making grunting noises that turned her stomach as she struggled, kicking her legs and thrashing her body as much as she could.

“Enough,” Aldo yelled. “Soon. But not now.”

The man pulled back. “Soon you be mine.” He grabbed her crotch before getting up, leaving her lying in a breathless heap on the hard ground.

Above her, massive trees covered in thousands of leaves hid the outside world. Exotic birds screeched as they flew from treetop to treetop. Insects buzzed by. Flowers shared their wonderful fragrances, perfuming the humid air.

The rainforest went about its business even as Mackenna lay wondering how much more she’d be forced to endure before Diablo’s goons killed her.





By LAS Reviewer on April 11, 2016 on Amazon:

Two people who don’t seem to make sense on paper just might be the antidote they both need. Christina James has a way with words. She’s great with spinning characters and I’m glad I got to read this book. I didn’t read the first two books in the series, but I didn’t feel lost. This was a great standalone read…
Honestly, I liked this book. I liked how Mackenna and Cade got to know each other…there was plenty of time for the characters to get to know each other. It happened quite naturally and at a great pace. I felt like I was there in the cabin with them and like I was in the story watching them fall together. Mackenna has more than just her job getting the story told going on with her. She believes in conservation and saving animals. I liked how Cade wasn’t nearly as opposite as he seemed in that respect. It was sexy.
If you want a book with a hot hero, a feisty heroine with more than her job on her mind, then this might be the story for you.

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