• Release Date: 2-7-12
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
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A birthday spanking leads two friends to love

Two best friends, Cassandra and Daren, have a weekend to explore their sexual attraction. It is Daren’s hope that by introducing Cassandra to the erotic side of sex like bondage and spanking, she will allow herself to embrace her submissive side and allow his Dominant side to finally be satisfied with a woman who matches his sexual appetite. Be sure to get a copy of Make A Wish and Blow to read whether Cassandra and Daren’s weekend of sexual bliss destroys the one thing that means most to both of them…their friendship.

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Unlocking her front door, Cassandra turned off the alarm before heading into the kitchen. She poured two glasses of wine and walked into the living room handing Daren his as he sat on the couch. She joined him after kicking off her heels. Her feet were grateful to be free. Curling her legs under her, she faced him and sipped her wine.

He looked so tense that she wanted to massage the stress from his muscles. Her palms tingled at the thought of running over that hard body.

She tried to speak normally but was afraid her voice was breathless from sitting this close to him. “That pizza hit the spot. I was starving. Now, I think we need music. I still have the beat from the club pumping through me,” she quipped, setting her wine glass down before standing and moving over to the stereo. “Any requests?”

“Just that you get that pretty little ass back over here. I owe you a birthday spanking. Or did you think I forgot?”

She smiled back and adjusted the volume so the song wouldn’t drown out their conversation. “You wouldn’t dare.”

He stood after placing his wine glass next to hers and advanced on her, the look on his face both playful and menacing.

She yelped and ran in the opposite direction, but he quickly followed.

“Oh, I dare, Cass. You’ve been testing my patience all night.”

She circled the coffee table. “Really? Too bad. Besides, I thought you said it was a birthday spanking.”

The grin he flashed was devious. “It is. Or it started out as one. Now, I just want to spank you.”

Standing with only the slim table between them, Cass didn’t feel the confidence she boasted.

“You’re going to cream your panties, baby, when I put you across my lap and paddle your bottom.”

She giggled, the vision his words conjured had her backside tingling, begging for his words to be true. Looking at him now, she didn’t doubt that he meant it. But in case he just meant to tease, then she’d give it right back.

Still hovering over the table, she spoke with a hint of breathlessness. “Now that would be an ideal birthday gift. Definitely one to remember.”

He grinned wide, his eyes sparkling with mischief. “Then your wish is my command, sweetheart.”

Her heart pounded with expectation. “Oh? Will this spanking be on my bare bottom?”

She was pleased when he inhaled sharply.

His brown eyes sharpened as his lips quirked at the corner. “Would love that, but since this is your first spanking, I’ll allow it over your dress. Since you’ve just turned twenty-nine, I’d say that firm ass of yours is gonna be red hot and glowing by the time I get done. Oh, and, of course, one extra hard spank for good luck.”

“Of course,” she agreed eagerly. “But that’s only if you can catch me.”

She shrieked when he growled and lunged. She ran one way, then the other, managing to avoid his groping hands. But her luck ran out when he simply leaned over the table and locked a powerful arm around her waist and lifted her over the obstacle. His other arm swung under her knees and he cradled her to his chest while her hands clung to his shoulders.

She was giggling so hard, she hardly noticed that he’d walked to the couch. When he placed her on her feet and sat on the couch, she swallowed hard.

Oh, man. This was really going to happen.

Without a word, he hauled her over his lap before she could let out a protest. She gasped in shock, her long, brown hair hanging to the floor and shielding her face. Part of her fantasy was really coming true! Breathe. Just breathe. For Christ’s sake, don’t pass out and ruin the moment, she demanded of herself. But hanging off his legs made her feel silly.

Her hand clung to his pants near his lower leg. “Daren, stop this and let me up.”

“Cass,” Daren’s low voice hovered near her ear. “I want you to enjoy this. I need you to trust me, baby. Okay?”

“Y-yes,” she said, wondering if she could actually go through with this when her pussy was already convulsing sharply. If she could only come right now, then she could enjoy the spanking instead of being strung as taut as a yo-yo. As it was, her body was on fire, and everywhere Daren touched was pure pleasurable torture. Even the way his hand held her on his lap was arousing.



“Baby, I’m gonna enjoy spanking you. It’ll feel a bit uncomfortable at first but, if you trust me, it’ll be very pleasurable. Trust me to do this right. But if you really and truly want me to stop, just say stop. I promise that I will instantly.”

It took her a moment to realize his hand was resting on her ass as he talked. She was now draped across her best friend’s lap—the man she’d lusted after for too long to remember—with her ass right under his nose.

She squirmed automatically. “Daren, maybe this isn’t a good idea. I don’t want my dress ruined.”

“I’ll buy you another one.”

“That’s not the point. The point is…ow!” He was really spanking her. Oh. My. God!

“That’s one,” he announced smugly.


Without warning, his large hand landed on her right cheek. The pain was noticeable, but not unbearable. Her pussy reacted immediately, tightening and throbbing. Another spank landed on her left cheek. His hand rubbed over her dress before landing two much harder slaps. After each set of spanks, Daren caressed her bottom and the intimate gesture shot fire through her belly to her cunt where her cream already coated her pussy lips. Her vaginal walls quivered with every stroke he landed on her ass and the intense need to come robbed the breath from her lungs.

“Happy Birthday, baby. Hope all your wishes come true.”

God, if he’d just stick that hard cock pressing against her thigh into her throbbing pussy, one of those dreams would come true. Before she could finish her thoughts, his hand picked up the pace and the caresses became fewer. The burn was better than she’d imagined. The even tempo made the wet folds of her pussy convulse, keeping rhythm with his hand. He showed no mercy with his evenly paced spanks, alternating globes. She loved every second.



Nominated for Best Erotic Romance Book in the 2010 Heart of Excellence Reader’s Choice Awards; Best Erotic Romance Book in the 2010 Aspen Gold Reader’s Choice Awards.

Third place Winner in the 2012 Silken Sands Self-Published Star Contest  


3 Stars from RT Magazine: September 2010 issue: “This cat-and-mouse game between two people who desire each other heats up the pages and also goes deeper into their emotions as they come to grips with their obligations.” — Donna M. Brown


Lexile of Night Owl Reviews has given this book 4 out of 5 stars!


“I spent a fair amount of this book blushing furiously from the heat that Daren and Cassandra generate…Even before they got to the actual act of sex, Daren’s flirtatious tone (and inner possessive thoughts) and Cassandra’s half-flirty/half what the heck is going on here attitude set the tone of the story quite well.”


Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews gave this book 4.5 cherries out of 5 cherries!

cherry“The writing is fantastic, allowing you to experience the intense longing Daren and Cass feel for one another, while the sex scenes blister. Each encounter is surpassed by the next, and I couldn’t wait to see how Ms. James kicked it up a notch. You’ll writhe like mad and fan yourself WC_Book_of_the_Week_copy_(2)[1]uncontrollably while reading this naughty and delightful erotic romance, and you’ll enjoy every wicked moment of it. This is the kind of story that increases the heart rate and keeps you coming back for more. If you’re looking for a book that will spice things up, Make A Wish and Blow.”


Got Erotic Romance Rated It: 4 Diamonds

got-erotic-romance-reviews-icon“As hot as the sex was in this book the love they both have for each other shines through. I loved the banter between the two as Cassandra tries to relax and be the submissive for Daren. You take an emotional ride in this book as Cassandra learns to be free with herself and enjoy the submissive lifestyle and you find yourself wishing that she could be as free with her heart as she is with her sex life. With characters so full of depth and emotion this is a book that should not be missed.”


Four Hearts from Marissa D. at Sizzling Hot Books: “Make a Wish and Blow is a spicy erotica novel, that will have you breathing heavy, because of the heat between Daren and Cassandra…”

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